The Gulfport community garden has the potential to be a place which grows not just food, but also kinship, culture, a sense of place, and self-sufficiency.  It could be argued that now, more than ever, a place like this is needed.  Why?  Because big changes are on the way.

These changes include:  Peak oil, climate change, depreciation of the dollar, the looming age demographic shift.  All of which have enormous implications for the future of mankind and the planet Earth–including Gulfport, Florida.

By preparing and educating ourselves, we can avoid or at least mitigate many of the negative consequences of (continued) irresponsible, unsustainable living. –Some of which will undoubtedly include:   scarcity of food and resources, and increased poverty, conflict and crime.

A community garden offers a space for people to come together and get educated and “re-skilled”, while having fun, strengthening communal bonds, creating a sense of belonging and trust,  and increasing community resilience.



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