Cypress Villages

March 2013  I assisted community founder Dan Walker with the planting of thousands of trees at Cypress Villages.   –Cypress is a 140 acre eco-community  located in south east Iowa that boasts the state’s first LEED Platinum certified home.

The trees were planted as part of the Conservation Reserve Program; a voluntary program which offers cost-share assistance and incentive payments to those wishing to use their land for conservation purposes.  When the planting is completed, 8,000 trees will cover forty acres of the Cypress Villages landscape.

As the trees mature and become well established, they will serve to clean the air, reduce water run-off and erosion, improve the quality of groundwater, lakes, and rivers, and increase the wildlife population.  Specific species being planted include:  white oak, red oak, silver maple, black walnut, swamp oak, cherry trees, Kentucky coffee. sycamore, and several varieties of pine.

It feels wonderful to have been part of such a worthwhile, meaningful project and I look forward to witnessing the growth of this little forest.  If you’re interested in learning more about what’s going on at Cypress, or if you’d like to take a tour, send Dan an email via the Cypress Village contact page.


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