Blue Ridge Napping Institute

Camille and I spent the first two weeks of March (2016) working at Blue Ridge Napping Institute in Moravian Falls, North Carolina.  Our main task was to help (owner) Tom Morris direct seed and transplant hardy and semi-hardy vegetables into his Spring Garden.  We also helped care for his chickens and did some companion plantings in his small fruit orchard.

Though I just about always enjoy being outdoors in the fresh air–playing in the dirt and learning something new,  I would NOT recommend this site to others looking to do a WorkAway orWWOOF work exchange (nor would I return).   I will not go into specific details as to why, but I will be happy to provide more information via private, email correspondence.  

I will say that this site is especially NOT recommended for young women traveling alone ( or even with a partner).  

I also would not recommend this site for anyone looking to learn more about Permaculture or Sustainable Living, as it is a poor example of both.  All that being said, we did have some highlights to our stay, including getting to spend time with Tom’s sweet dogs, Stella and Little Girl, and his cuddly cat Jasper and making a great new friend in a fellow volunteer.

Tom was not a good fit for us as a host, so we ended up leaving a week earlier than we had planned, but that will not deter us from pursing other work exchange opportunities. –Here are some pics from our stay: