Press / Public Relations

One facet of my 2012 internship was to promote the Placemaking project by way of press releases and public relations.

*April 7th, Karla opened her studio to the public for an artist reception.

To advertise this event, I collaborated with Photoshop expert Nathan England of The Austin Chronicle in the design of a promotional flyer.  Once the design was completed, Karla had several dozen copies printed which I distributed throughout Fairfield.

In addition to creating the flyer, I attended the artist reception, where I spoke to various individuals about Karla’s project as well as Placemaking.  I also served as photographer for the event.

I attended the the May Art walk as well, where Karla, Elaine Duncan and I greeted Art Walk goers at a tent showcasing The Maze of Murals.  

The Maze of Murals is made possible by grants from the Iowa Arts Council, the Fairfield Cultural Alliance, the Fairfield Convention and Visitor’s Bureau, and donations from individuals and local businesses.

*Its aim is to beautify some of the city’s high traffic areas while enriching local culture.

The project features work by four local artists:  Karla Christensen, Elaine Duncan, John Stimson, and John Schirmer.   *The piece I worked on with Karla–“Tea and Scenery”–is part of this project.   (Pictured is John Schirmer hanging his piece titled “A Naturalist”)


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