Mobile Chair Massage

Providing regular massage to employees as part of a wellness package can reap great rewards for your business–resulting in increased productivity, job satisfaction, and overall health.

(*I also provide mobile chair massage for special events, conferences, and parties.)


*  Based on information from the American Institute of Stress and the American Psychological Association, job stress and related problems cost companies an estimated $200 billion or more annually.

* Massage has been shown to reduce stress and blood pressure, relieve arthritis, improve joint and muscle aches, and even increase immunity to colds and flu…greatly reducing absenteeism.

* Lowering stress lowers both anxiety and hostility–improving the work environment for everyone; relaxed workers are more likely to cooperate with each other.

* A recent study in American Psychologist gave one group of workers  a 15 minute rest, and another, a 15 minute massage. The group that received the massage performed significantly better on complicated tasks like math problems.

* Massage can play a very important role is preventing and treating the pain and numbness associated with carpal tunnel syndrome that often results from excessive keyboard and mouse use.




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