Guilds are groups of a plants, (and also animals, insects, and other elements) that support each other’s health and productivity.

Fruit trees are the central element of fruit tree guilds; other plants and elements are placed beneath and around the fruit tree to best support it (and each other). –Fruit tree guilds are the backbone of the Permaculture food forest.

Food forests are self-supporting systems that mimic natural forests while providing food, medicine, beauty, and habitat (for YOU and native wildlife).

Whether you are interested in having just one or two fruit trees, or growing an abundance of food, Riley–an experienced Permaculturist–can help you create an aesthetically pleasing, healthy, productive food system in your own backyard.


Services include: Hands-on Garden Coaching, Permaculture Design Consultation, and Design & Installation of Fruit Tree guilds.  Click here for more details.