Let Riley Matthews help you apply the ethics and design principles of Permaculture to your property to create a beautiful, functional landscape which requires little maintenance and offers maximum rewards, including food security and greater self-sufficiency. –Check out these short videos to get an idea of the abundance your yard could potentially produce.

(Riley has a degree is Sustainable Living from Maharishi University of Management, and received her Permaculture Design Certificate from Permaculture Institute USA in 2011). 

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  • HANDS-ON GARDEN COACHING: (Sliding Scale Fee:  $35 – $75 / hr)                         Work side-by-side with Riley in your garden. The first step is a 60 minute consultation to assess your space and determine your goals and the specific skills you would like to develop.  The duration and frequency of the sessions will vary depending on your specific goals, though 90 minutes every other week is recommended to start.
  • 60 MINUTE DESIGN CONSULTATION:  (Sliding Scale Fee:  $35 – $75 / hr)              Riley walks the property with the owner, assessing the land and asking questions to determine what Permaculture techniques & design strategies would be most appropriate.  –This is a verbal assessment with recommendations & rough sketches when appropriate.  The intention of the consult is to arm YOU with the tools and knowledge to map out your own design.  * For an additional $15 you will receive a few cuttings and/or seeds of a food crop that is currently in season, a resource list, and a soil building guide.                                                                                                                                
  • 60 MINUTE DESIGN FOLLOW-UPS:  (Sliding Scale Fee:  $35 – $75 / hr)                  Once you have your design mapped out, Riley will meet back up with you to look it over and discuss any recommended changes and/or additions.  Once again, this is a verbal assessment with rough sketches and notes when appropriate.  –You may schedule as many follow-ups as you would like.
  • FRUIT TREE GUILD DESIGN & INSTALLATION: (Fees vary.  Contact for a free quote).  Learn more about Fruit Tree Guilds here.                                                                                                                        .



(Additional travel fees may apply for those outside Saint Petersburg & Gulfport, Florida)

CALL RILEY to schedule your consultation:  813-468-0598





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