Soil Biology Workshop: Feb 8, 2014

AAAworkshopFebruary 8th 2014 Molly and Jacob–of the The Living Soil Compost Lab–will be visiting the Mother Mana Urban Farm to host a hands-on workshop on Cultivating the Soil Foodweb.  20% of the proceeds will be donated to the Gulfport Community Garden.

Do you know what compost is? Do you know how to make it? Optimize it? –Molly and Jacob will show you how.  

You will learn:

*What the soil foodweb is,

*Why the soil foodweb may or may not be present in your growing system.

*What the plants you want to grow need in order to be productive and disease free.

*What nutrient cycling and retention is.

*How various compost and mulching methods work and enhance soil biology.

*How to build an aerobic thermal compost pile to organic standards (hands-on).

Location:  2518 54th st. South, Gulfport, Florida 33707.

Date / Time:  February 8, 2014 from 9:30 am – 4:30 pm (bring your lunch).

Cost:  $40 is registered by Feb. 5.  $45 starting Feb. 6

Register:  here 

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2 Responses to Soil Biology Workshop: Feb 8, 2014

  1. cafloyd says:

    B – Just met you at the cafe downtown. Will be following your progress. Best of luck. – E

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