Urban Farming: A Day in The Nursery

Today was a great day–full of art, gardening, exercise, fresh air and sunshine.

After a protein packed breakfast of huevos rancheros and some yoga and meditation, Camille and I spent the day in our nursery (well, technically it’s my landlord’s nursery…but he’s been kind enough to let us put it to good use).

We got SO much accomplished today and had SO much FUN in the process!


winterGardenWe planted several pots of herbs, edible flowers, and fall / winter vegetables; which–when mature enough–will be transplanted into gardens throughout Gulfport,  We also started preparing beds for an additional winter garden in the back of the nursery.

First, we double dug the beds.  Then we raked in old leaves and cow manure, and introduced several dozen worms.  As the worms tunnel through the ground, they will aerate the soil and leave behind nutrient rich castings which our plants will feed off.




We also cleaned out an old chicken coop that has been used as a storage shed for the last few years.  After emptying it, we added nesting boxes and perches.  Once we get the nursery’s fencing secured, we’ll be ready to get some chicks!

Such a productive day! …And as hard as we worked, we also played; taking time to unwind and make some art in nature.

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