After speaking with your client and getting a clear idea of what they envision for their property, the first step of creating a permaculture design is to visit the site, examine the lay of the land, and consider the best locations for the design’s different elements; this is what I did yesterday.

The permaculture design for Rukmapura Park Hotel includes community garden plots, compost bins, a greenhouse, sitting area, and snack trail.  Keeping these elements in mind, and considering the permaculture principle of “connect”,  I took a walk around the hotel property. –The principle of “connect” is concerned with placing elements in such a way that useful relationships and time-saving connections are created.

To aid in making these connections, permaculture employs something known as zoning. Zones are numbered from 0 to 5, and can be thought of as a series of concentric rings moving out from a centre point, where human activity and need for attention is most concentrated (Zone 0), to where there is no need for intervention at all (Zone 5). Below is an illustration of this concept (not hotel design):


For the purposes of the Rukmapura design, the hotel is Zone 0.   All of the design elements–exluding the snack trail,–will be used often and require frequent attention and should therefore be paced in Zone 1. The snack trail will start in Zone 2 and continue throughout further zones. Keeping this in mind, I limited the parameters of my walk to just outside the hotel.

Directly south of the hotel, I found a sunny hilltop–the perfect location for the greenhouse, gardens, compost bins, and also the sitting area.  My next post will include more photos and details as to why this locations is ideal.

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