Yesterday I met with Chris Johnson–owner of Rukmapura Park Hotel, in Vedic City–to discuss plans of a permaculture design for his property.  The hotel is set on 250 acres of rolling hills, streams, woods and native prairie, and offers several miles of walking and jogging trails. The layout will include a greenhouse, compost bins, community garden plots, a sitting area, and also a snack tail.

Because I have been working on this property for the last five years–doing landscape design and maintenance–I am well acquainted with the layout of the land, and have observed it and its elements in all four seasons.  –This knowledge will be very useful in the design process, and will help determine placement of specific elements.

The permaculture principle, of “relative location” will also help determine placement of elements.  *All elements should be placed in such a way that they create useful relationships and time-saving connections.

Because Chris owns many rental properties, he has lots of old building materials which can be recycled for construction of the greenhouse, garden beds, and compost bins.  These materials include old windows and glass, railroad ties, and wooden pallets.

Throughout the design process, I will be studying Earth User’s Guide to Permaculture, by Rosemary Morrw, as well as Four-Seasons Harvest, by Eliot Coleman.

To learn more about the property, visit

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