By studying naturally recurring patterns, (both systematic and physical), we gain a better understanding of the connections and relationships in nature which allow life to perpetuate itself and exist sustainably.  In understanding relationships, we are able–in our permaculture designs–to place elements within a system in such a way that they are most beneficial to one another.

        Some of the main patterns found within nature include:   spirals, lobes,  spoke and wheel, core, serpentine, dendritic, Eckman spirals,  honeycomb, egg, waves, overbeck jet, and circles.  *Patterns are depicted below in the order of listing (clockwise).


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2 Responses to LIFE = PATTERNS

  1. vpetrovsky says:

    I love it that when I search for dentric permaculture your blog comes up on the first page in google images! Hope you doing awesome!

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